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La Palma - Your perfect holiday destination

La Palma is just a short flight away from continental Europe . Yet the temperatures are pleasant all year round, without frost in winter or continuous heat in summer and the Atlantic Ocean whose temperature does not even fall below 18 degrees in winter.

Under these conditions virtually any plant species can thrive splendidly on La Palma . The many immigration and emigration waves through time led to a broad mixture of endemic and alien plant world that encourage our guests to numerous photo shootings through all the years. Part of the great results runs like a red thread through our website .

Introduction Apartments

We offer, on the sunny west side of La Palma, with La Luna Baila in Tacande and La Primavera in Las Norias, two harmoniously and attractively situated resorts with only few bungalows / flats in each resort. Fulfilling the high demands of comfort and equipment of the interested La Palma visitor

As owners we ourselves are living close to of our clients.We organize bread rolls in the morning (La Luna Baila), act as facility managers for the broken light bulb or simply as a contact person. Call us - or fill out the contact form - for advice on your individual planning of the journey.