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Your direction to our finca La Primavera

Todoque, Las Norias.

From the airport (SPC) initially for 4 km direction St.Cruz.

Shortly before the town the road towards Los Llanos, exit 2b (LP2) follow.

La Palma - Anfahrt - Ortseingang El Paso

Approximately 20 min. and plenty of corners later, after overcoming the mountains and they pass over the last tunnel, the sun and the sign El Paso appear in most cases.

La Palma - Anfahrt vom Flughafen - El Paso Hauptstraße

After the visitor center and the large Shell petrol station on your right side, you approach the village.

Go through it by continuing to stay on the main road.

La Palma - Anfahrt - Wegweiser nach La Laguna

3 km further follow the signs to La Laguna, left.

Even this little place by driving through a traffic light is achieved. There please turn left towards Puerto Naos.

La Palma - Anfahrt - Weg rechts hinter dem Restaurant La Mariposa

Follower now still about 3 km of the road, up on the right side of the restaurant "La Mariposa" appears. Right after that, a path leads off to the right. Please follow this.

La Palma - Anfahrt - Abbiegen in die Calle Cuatro

After approximately 150 m back to the Calle Cuatro (concrete, not dirt! Sign is at the round house wall to the left), turn left and after 100 meters you go right into the parking lot of La Primavera.

La Palma - Anfahrt - Ankunft auf der Finca La Primavera, La Palma